Monday, 2 April 2012

Underwater Dogs

Whilst eating homemade banana pancakes and watching Channel 10 news on Sunday morning I came across the Photographer Seth Casteel. I'm not a huge fan of the news (even though I probably should be) but this interview immediately got my attention.

Seth Casteel is known as one of the world's most published pet photographers and also spends alot of his time volunteering in local animal shelters by taking pictures of cats and dogs to try and save the animals through the use of his unqiue photography skills.

To learn about Seth's dedication in helping pets through photography check this link out SecondChancePhotos.

Anyways, I absolutely loved these photos they are unique and also made me laugh. Some of the dogs facial expressions are hysterical!! Was a great start to a Sunday : )

Some can look abit scary though. I think it may-be because you can see so much teeth!!


  1. Hahaha! I love it. Hazel's underwater face would show pure terror!

  2. hahahaha hilarious! imagine a pug, i.would.die

    1. haha he was saying in the interview he was going to photograph a pug next! I thought of you straight away haha