Sunday, 6 May 2012

Sydney Night Photography Course

For Christmas my lovely Ryan brought me a Red Ballon voucher for a night photography workshop. I actually did this course a week before the Shooting Sunrise at Manly workshop but the two courses were completely different.
Apart from adjusting the shutter speed and the cameras apertures settings I learnt a variety of creative techniques (which mostly involve using slow shutters speeds) to get some of the following shots.
  • By using slower shutter speeds you are able to capture the movements of people walking through the camera frame during that time , resulting in a blurred effect. This also works when standing on the side of the road and capturing the movements of the traffic.
  • Light Painting (so much fun!) - using a slow shutter speed, a tripod and a torch you can draw shapes and jump around in front of the camera to make shapes and 'light paint'. This would be alot better to do in pairs and have one person taking the photo and another being the 'model'/'painter'.
  • When taking a photo try using a slow shutter speed and zoom in and out whilst taking the photo to blur the lights and the image.


  1. in LOVE with the second last snap

    1. Thanks Jess! That means alot coming from a pro photographer like yourself : P

  2. Wow the 3rd last one looks really trippy!

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