Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Pretty Purple Polish Logo

Awhile ago my friend Alanna asked me to design her a logo for her very successful nail polish blog  Pretty Purple Polish. For some reason it took me awhile to put together a full idea for this task and it wasn't till the very end that I really thought of an idea that I was happy with.

Since it took me awhile to come up with an idea this logo went through various stages and most of them I was never 100% satisfied with. I'm not even going post all the ideas as some are so horrible that Alanna didn't even get to see them.

My idea was to have a nail polish bottle as the main feature for the logo and I was really interested to see what a nail polish bottle would look like in a sketch/illustration  style. My first form of inspiration came from the following image.

Image Source

I also liked the following image and had the thought of a hand holding a polish brush along side the polish bottle.

Image Source
Based on these ideas I came up with the following logo idea.

This was almost going to be the final logo but I had a quick moment of thought and come up with a range of similar logos that Alanna loved!

In the end the final Pretty Purple Polish logo ended up as this and we both love it!! Check out her blog and see it used in her blogs new look. www.prettypurplepolish.com